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Amateur Ham Radio , License  Testing/Trainer, Certified Instructor in First Aid. I am KL2HF a Volunteer in the Mat-Su Valley

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Amateur Radio and Electronics Adventures

Learning about amateur radio, it is a excellent starting point for all kinds of electronics, computers, programming, 3D printing, flying drones, design and engineering .

What do Amateur Radio Operators do

Some just like local and long distance communications via HF, VHF/UHF radio. Others participate in emergency services preparedness programs. Still others just like learning and adventures,  we have added American Red-Cross First Aid certified training to the mix. 

http://kl7jfu.com, MARA, Join us.

Visit the main website at  http://kl7jfu.com to find out our meeting times/location, license testing times, and about training we offer to help you get your Amateur/Ham radio license (three levels). We are Amateur Radio Volunteers.  


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Be a Ham radio amateur, get a ham radio license and maybe get a certificate in American Red-Cross first aid/CPR/AED, visit our general meetings and the main website: http://kl7jfu.com/

Alaska Amateur Radio KL2HF, Ken Hudson

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